Don't Let a Junk Pile Ruin Your Curb Appeal

Get started on your rubbish removal project in Simi Valley & Thousand Oaks, CA

Is junk piling up outside your house? Hire Junk Jedis when you need rubbish removal services in the Simi Valley, CA area.

You can count on us to load your junk onto our work truck and clean up the area where it used to sit. You'll be left with a clean yard, more open space and improved curb appeal. Trust us to remove piles of debris, old furniture, garbage or discarded appliances that are littering your property.

Contact us right away to discuss the details of your junk clean up project.

We can clean up your yard right away

We can clean up your yard right away

At Junk Jedis, we provide junk clean up services in Simi Valley, CA and surrounding areas. Cleaning up junk outside your home will:

  • Give you space to hang out or install a new walkway
  • Improve the appearance of your yard
  • Keep junk piles from injuring anyone
  • Help you avoid fines and angry notices from your HOA
Reach out to us right away to discuss the junk you need removed from your property. We'll complete your rubbish removal in no time.